Friday, March 20, 2009


Most of you know that my son and I have been sick since Tuesday. But that doesn't even cover it.

Yesterday, my dear sweet husband stayed home to study for a Biochem test he had to take today, but he ended up taking care of Jonathan for the most part instead of studying because I was weigning in energy levels. I thought I was sick yesterday.

Today it got sooo much worst. Ever been so sick that your equilibrium gets thrown off and it feels like someone pulls the floor right from under you... when you're sitting down? Well, that's how it was today. Then, after I woke up from my son's nap early this evening, my jaw joint started to ache. I thought my face was going to fall apart. Then it spread to my ear. Not my idea of a fun time.

I was lazy to make myself tea that my doctor had suggested... the word "tea" makes my ears lay down (like a nervous kitty). But I really didn't want to take a cough suppressant. Call me crazy. I hate taking drugs unless I have to. (I got very used to dealing with pain and not taking anything for it through pregnancy.)

But I was getting desperate for something. I made it, went to try and relax in bed, while I let it cool. My husband brought me my mug and I was surprised how quickly it worked. Just like my doctor said, it soothed my throat and I was able to breathe a tiny bit better. It was a bit tangy/bitter, but I was so relieved to stop coughing!

Sufficeth to say, I now know that what my mother says is really honestly true, "Moms don't get a day off to be sick." Bless my dear husband for making it possible to have as much time to get better as possible. I should be back to normal in a week or so. Keep your fingers crossed I get better before next Sunday because that's when I'm off to Idaho and there's precious little that's more awful than being sick while traveling.

For those interested, here's the "sick" tea recipe:

1/4 tsp. ground ginger
1/4 wedge fresh lemon
1 large spoonful of honey
8 oz. of water
1 small pot

Bring water to boil and add ginger and lemon. Stir in. Pull pot off heat to cool for 5 mintues.
Add honey and stir again. Pour half of mixture into mug. Store other half of tea for later when needed. Enjoy! (Add 1/4 tsp. more ginger if you really want it powerful and to last longer... I did even though it knocked my socks off! Don't add too much honey because adding lots of sugar defeats the point of getting better. Sugar suppresses your immune system.) 100% safe for nursing mommies! ;)

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Chiemi said...

That's really neat! I have boxes and boxes of herbal tea at my house, but I never thought to make it from scratch.