Monday, February 14, 2011


You're my best friend...
... my lover...

... together we create...

...and become so much more!

Happy Valentine's to the most amazing person I've ever known. You make me a better person just by being with me. I love you, Larry.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bignormous Day!

My wonderful husband took the day off work to catch up on some very important things for his continuing credential project to keep his job, and he took Jonnie to get his first haircut with his barber (when I'm crunched for time.. and my clippers finally died).

Dave (the barber) asked me how long I wanted it and I told him long enough to to a small fauxhawk. A FAUXhawk. NOT A REAL MOHAWK. Right as I realized that Dave completely didn't know what the heck I refered to, he took that initial chunk out right on the top edge and created a horrendous divot. My insides clutched and turned over. This guy was old school. I mean, who in the heck in the hair world doesn't know what a fauxhawk is??!

During... (Notice my face... NOT happy!)

Needless to say, Jonathan calmed down afterward and got a cute little certificate for his first haircut. I had to clean up some messy spots with my scissors once we got home, since it was so badly done and we actually ended up going and buying a really cheap set of clippers until I can get back home and buy a good set for wholesale with my Cos. license, but all in all, Dave offered me a JOB!
WHAT??!? Yeah, that's right. He has this sweet little set up in his back room for a single stylist and he's known Lars since long before we met (5 years ago next month) and knows that I'm a cos girl. I'm actually looking into it! So possibly coming soon~ Crazy Lady to work part-time on my lonesome and have my own hours and still have time to be with my babies!... but we'll see. Dave said he'd wait and see if I could figure out reciprocity and licensure and all that, so maybe it could happen. If it's booth rent, forget it. My cos girls, you know what that's all about. For me, it doesn't jive with my lifestyle.


Avonlea slept like a baby (har, har) while Jonnie screamed and wailed through his haircut and woke up just in time to get to the mall for her special time of the day. Jonnie wanted to ride shotgun, which it was the very first time and he just put himself in there, and since Avonlea is just barely big enough to ride in back, I figured why not.

Hi from shotgun!

When we walked in, there's little satellite fudge shoppe called Kelly's and we let Jonnie pick out his own treat~ a fudge and rainbow sprinkle marshmallow stick for being such a trooper.

Lars had to keep Jonathan occupied while I held Avonlea for her piercing. She was such an angel. Cried a bit with the first ear, wailed and shrieked for a bit with the second, but was quickly diverted when we walked through Claire's to the register to pay for everything. She loved the shiny jewelery and reached for everything. She's such a girl!
Outside immediately afterward, happy as a clam.
Right ear

Left ear

I can't say I'm not super sad about her getting her ears pierced, but she looks sooooo beautiful! Very much like a traditional Latina baby. Her smiling little face with her perfect caramel skin and her black-brown eyes just fit perfectly in between her white gold studded ears! I am however super glad I waited until she was six months to do it!