Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Girl Shower

On Saturday, June 12th, my awesome Relief Society president threw me a baby shower at her house. There was a great brunch she and her daughter Jennie prepared and SO many of the women from my ward showed up, I was shocked! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law also came which was very important to me. I received soooo many wonderful things and felt overwhelmed by all the love a support from my ward, even though this was already my second baby.

I've posted just a few of the million photos my sister-in-law took.

One of the things my bff Mary and Karen Mathis (our ward organist and totally awesome woman) gave to me. This was off my registry! I was SUPER excited!!
Judy Massie, my former Primary President MADE this for my daughter in like, a week, since the invites didn't get mailed until around 5-7 days before my shower, even though it had been planned for nearly 2 months. (I dropped the ball on that one. =P)

And this was a Carter's set with a matching receiving blanket from my current Primary President, Lavona Langam. This one made me tear up. I love that woman!
A ballerina outfit from my good friends Monci and Alex Cuevas, mother and daughter.
Every one thought it was so cute that my girlfriend Kellie and I were wearing nearly the same color of dress (that ironically are both a little long for us) and we needed a picture. And we're both expecting!

It was a WONDERFUL shower and I received SO many things. So much so that I feel overly prepared for this little girl coming oh so soon!


Adorable Things Today:

When Jonathan was over at Gramma's, my sister-in-law came out of her room and he clasped his hands behind his back like a little gentleman waiting to be noticed by her.

*forgot to mention* He lays down when he wants to be changed, even if he goes to get up the minute we sit down to do it.

Fell asleep in the car on the way home from Gramma's this afternoon even though we live only 3 blocks away, holding onto my water bottle

I didn't get him out of the crib after naptime immediately because he was very groggy, so he just laid in his crib dozing in and out of consciousness while I sat in my rocker watching him. (It was SO cute! Very much like Mommy and Daddy when we can't get up. lol)

Used a fork at dinner tonight for the first time and was pretty good. He still tries to use it mostly like a spoon, but he's starting to try to stab things with the spoon like a fork. He's figure them out eventually.

Said "Amen" after prayer tonight, sounds more like "Ah- Mah!", but you can tell he knows what he's trying to day. Lars said he started doing it yesterday, but I heard it tonight since it was my lap Jonathan was sitting in.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adorable Things

Adorable Things Today:

While eating his toddler cookies after naptime, Jonnie set them on the new couch, watching me very carefully (NO food or drink but water is allowed near my couch) and I'd say "Huh uh. No foodies on the couch!" and he's pick them back up and put them on the ottoman watching me the entire time

We used his kiddie leash we bought Monday night for the first time today to walk him around our little apartment complex (unfenced pool and no grassy area). I was dying laughing because he really was like a little puppy- straining against the leash and whimpering.

At the McD's by our local Target, we finally found a PlayPlace that doesn't freak us out and we can see inside at every angle. When coming back down the tower to go home, Jonathan held tight onto the front of Lars' shirt so he wouldn't fall.

For My Daughter

Little one
so different from your brother
You knew I could
make room for

Your gentle movements
inside my belly
Give me peace
for Soon
Here you'll be.

June 9th, 2010 11:30 p.m.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adorable Things

Adorable Things Today:

Had a mini-meltdown about his Mega Blocks spilling out of the bag. (He likes to take them out one at a time and put them all back in very neatly, lol.)

Took ten minutes to eat his first piece of lettuce from my Ceasar salad and came back for more

We've been teaching him "soft" by taking his hands when he gets excited and hits us in the face or chest and stroking where he hit us- this afternoon, Jonnie climbed up into my lap and caressed my face and patted my neck and belly without being prompted. Sooo CUTE!

Helped Daddy unload the groceries by carrying his HUGE Costco-sized box of Wheat Goldfish all the way up our apartment stairs

Ate nearly ALL of Lars spicy baked beans AND mine during dinner. He must love them- he's never had them before!

Proceeded to open and half empty my new box of panty liners all over Daddy's lap while he slept

Is starting to understand that even if he's crazy during family scripture study, he likes to be quiet (most of the time) and watch me or Lars as we say family prayer

Not along list, but still. These are SO funny to Lars and me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adorable Things Today

I've decided to keep a mini journal of things my son does for the day. He's so close to being two and does so many wonerful things each day, I don't want to forget anything, even though so much time has already lapsed. My camera is always up to something- lost, not with the memory card, computer won't download the files, etc. so I've come up with just this while my camera is waiting to be found so I can blog about our special vacay two weeks ago to Idaho.

Adorable Things Today:

Picked up most of his toys off the floor and actually left them in the container before we went to Gramma's

Spun around is circles with his eyes rolled back in his head (Need to video that. Flipping hilarious!)

Went to sleep for naptime ONLY after I sang him Christmas songs

Ate all his Gerber toddler lunch pack and topped it off with Cheerios. The kid can't get enough of them!

Actually played Patty-Cake with me for the first time- clapped my hands in his and gave me lots of high fives with squeals and giggles.

Came and crammed himself between the armrest and loved up to me on our new couch. (It's so much easier for him to come be with me because it's so low to the ground.)

Clapped for himself after bringing me my shoes so we could leave this afternoon.

Held still for Children's Book of Mormon scripture study tonight

Clasped his hands together for the first time on his own for family prayer on Daddy's lap

There's so many more things, but my brain is shutting down. These are the ones I could remember. I'm due next month. It's hard to phathom making room for another child when I love this quizzical wild child so dearly. Bring on the crying and neediness of this toddler- he'll be an only child for just a short time longer.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There's nothing quite like getting to that last stretch of pregnancy. I've been getting nasty about certain things because I hate losing mobility and more of my independence. Having another little one to keep things going makes it interesting. But amongst all that, there's so much I forget to be grateful for.

I got a big smack reminder a few days ago. I have this amazing friend that has been having some serious problems with things of such a nature and she had a trip to the hospital recently and was told more than likely she'd have to get help to become pregnant. (For anonymity, I'll keep her name to myself.) I can only imagine how devastating that would feel, being so young, not being able to do something that only women can do.

I'm ever so thankful for her perspective on things. She has brought to light something my girlfriend Kellie did at the end of her first pregnancy last fall when she was overdue-you can read her post -

Thanks ladies for giving my mind something to chew on while things with my body become ever more changed. My life-and those of my children- truly are the most amazing gift.