Thursday, March 12, 2009

Domestic Diva

I wanted to grow up and be a professional opera singer or a prima ballerina for the New York City Ballet. I was the girl who professed she'd never get married and most certainly would never have children. Not after living in a house full of step-siblings who all knew how to cook. Nope. I was going to be famous. I didn't need to know how to cook. Someone would do that FOR me.

Who was that? Oh man, I really have NO idea! I'm totally a different person! I'm all like... shoot. I still say "I'm all like." Nevermind. Really, though. I've changed. Promise! I've reformed my ways, gotten married and even had a my first child. How's that for a 180?

I never really saw myself as one of those "housewives". I was always too fickle, never really wanting to settle. Surprise. I met Mr. Right and it all changed. But even after all that, I wouldn't label myself a "housewife" per say because I'm not married to the house. I would more call myself a "Domestic Diva"... in training.

I have so many things I want to do now! I'm finally looking through the cookbook that my sister-in-law made for me so I can learn how to put my family on a good schedule (kinda' hard with a husband with an unpredictable study schedule and a son who's still nursing whenever he wants), I'm learning to juggle husband/baby time so I can get the most out of my time for household chores (which right now is on the fritz... I'll get back on track, if I don't I'll lose my mind!!), learning to budget (wish me luck!), and my latest venture is sewing!

I've wanted to take a class on it ever since I moved out here. They offer beginning through advanced classes and I LOVE the idea of having a major project to do each class. They offer it at the adult nightschool not very far from my house. But there is a catch: you have to have a machine to work on at home to practice and you don't get enough time to finish your project in class, so obviously I could never sign up.

My mother is a saint. She offered to give me her sewing machine she bought right before her arthritis got too bad. She's never used it, so it's brand new. It's just waiting for someone to use it! I'll pick it up when I go to Idaho over spring break! I'm so excited! Too bad I have to wait for fall to roll around for the beginning class to start. Oh well. It works better anyway. Jonathan will be old enough to leave at home for the two hours I'll be away.

Wheeeeeee!!!! I'm so excited! (Yeah, I know I already said that.) First big project: a quilt I've been saving up fabric for for over 10 years. Yes, I know. It's been too long. Poor fabric is probably lonely! Let's make it a goal to give it some company like, let's say quilt batting and some thread. Yeah. I think that'll do.


Kellie said...

oh my gosh, thats AWESOME! A domestic diva! I LOVE it! I'm really excited for you to get your sewing machine! I had totally forgot that you had said you wanted to borrow mine! When you get talented and I have a baby to stay at home with you can teach me to quilt, K? Cause we're gunna be neighbors and all anyway, right? :) I didnt know all t hat about you. I glad you posted about it.

emiflute said...

I have to say- the girl I knew in high school really didn't seem to fit the housewife mold at all. But who does at that point in their life?
I am so so happy that you did find Mr. Right! I look forward to meeting him sometime.
And about all of your aspirations, you'll have time later in life to do things for yourself. The Lord wants us where we are now and you and I both have experienced the irreplaceable sweetness and joy of motherhood. There is nothing better, truly.
I cannot believe it! You and I both have suddenly gotten a knack for sewing! I got a beginner sewing machine at Christmas. Check out my blog! I'll be posting my first successful project- a baby quilt for my little newborn. It's just about done.
Love ya!

The Hammond Family said...

Isn't it interesting how life turns out different then you thought it would? But it becomes a life you wouldn't trade for anything in the world! Good luck on your sewing class this fall! V. starts pre-school in the fall. I always thought I'd have another baby by the time she started school. However now, I'm faced with the fact that I'll have two hours a day, three days a week when she's gone and I'll be home alone. What will I do? I'll finally have free time to go to the gym, work on projects w/o interruptions, etc.Maybe I'll see if I can some type of class for adults during the day I can take...

Chiemi said...

That's awesome that you want to start sewing! Too bad I'm not there to help you out. I think you are going to do awesome!