Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Official....

Like I said, it's official. We now have a little bitty thumb sucker in the family. Tonight as I was giving Jonathan his bath I looked down to see a tiny little pudgy hand with thumb extended, inside his mouth. He was gnawing it like no tomorrow. His left bottom molar is coming in and he was chomping something fierce. He'd wriggled it back into his mouth as far is he could get it. So cute!

After what seems like a lifetime of trying to get him to take a pacifier and a bottle, he's finally found something he likes. Some moms would completely freak out about their child starting such a habit, but not me. If it becomes habitual, I know he'll grow out of it when he's ready. Kids always do. Besides, he's soooo darn adorable when he gets all munchy on that chubby little
thumb of his. How could I force him not to?

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Kellie said...

So-even though I watched it twice through with you by my side-I wanted to comment and say that I LOVE that little guy. He's so precious.