Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sooo, after my whiney entry the other day, I immediately felt relieved and a little weirded out that I was so open about something sooooo incredibly personal that I hardly think about. After talking to my girlie friend Mary, I felt better because she posted a similar entry. I know my heart's in the right place.

Phew! Now that that's over, let me get to what I wanted to talk about. Tonight I got to get out of the house and go to the Relief Society anniversary dinner. It was awesome. We got to learn about the lives of all the RS presidents down through the ages. Hearing about some of their sacrifices nearly made me cry. I'm so not made of the same stuff those women are- probably why they were called to that position in the church. I mean, seriously, I would NEVER be called to anything like that. I'm too disorganized when it comes to callings. Magnify your callings... it's tough enough just figuring out how to DO a calling, let alone magnify it!

Anyhoo, I got to hear a couple of my lady friends sing the songs of the time periods in which some of the presidents held their leadership, Mary being among them. (We still need to put together a little sumthin' sumthin' to sing together). I knew all but one song and it was soooo hard not to get up and sing with them. Boy, I miss singing with people and at church. I miss it so much I get misty-eyed about it. I love my son, but there are things I'd give my right arm to be able to do that I didn't realize how precious they were to me until I wasn't able to keep incorporating them into my life as nursing mom. But really, I love all the special time we get to spend together.

Ugh! Onto something less depressing! It was great food. Chili potatoes. Can't beat that. Good thing my husband didn't eat any... nobody would be sleeping!!! (HAHAHAHAHA). And Jonathan was suuuuuuch a good boy! My friend Karen Rafferty held him the ENTIRE time we were there and hardly made any noise. Oh blessed rest for my aching shoulders. He is my chunky little angel.

There you have it, my rant for today. The End.

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Quixotic Healer said...

Yeah, we Need to get something together now that you and your chub-duck are getting more mobile :)

Hmm....I wonder if I'm gonna be in town for Easter?