Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Musician in the Making

Jonathan has been SO good lately! He's let me know he's ready to have a regular bedtime and it's been sooo nice! For the last few nights he's been going to bed before 9pm. He's ready to start eating solid foods more often and today he had 3 separate meals. He still likes to top it all off with a little nursing, but he sleeps so well now that he's eating solids. I can hardly believe my baby boy is only 10 days away from being 8 months old. It breaks my heart knowing time has passed so quickly, but at the same time I'm so proud of him.

Jonathan 7 weeks old, December 2008.

Tonight Jonathan actually participated in"playing" the piano with Daddy. He really is getting so big! He loves to play and interact with us now more than ever! I hope to have Lars start teaching him lessons when Jonathan's around 3 or 4 years old. He's our "Little Mozart"! =)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Sunday

Today was a wonderful day. Larry and I had Share Time in Primary, but Jonathan ended up needing to be taken out, so Lars took over and did it all by himself. I felt bad, but Jonathan's getting so antsy now that he's almost ready to walk. Then, I was able to teach a lot of the lesson in Sunday school for the first time since I was 8 months pregnant. It was great. Lars took care of Jonathan for a bit, then he was able to hand him off to our Relief Society president (Janet Larsen) and come back in. Good thing, too. I was struggling without a lesson book and scriptures- I'm a little out of practice.

My good friend Mary gave a wonderful talk that I really enjoyed, but I can't remember what it was about because Jonathan was being so cute! (Sorry Mary!) He was sitting with Janet and her husband Hal in the bench in front of me and was happily bouncing up and down. Also, for the first time, he turned to grab the bench to stand up by himself! It made so so proud I almost cried. He's growing up so fast! (I do realize now I'll be fighting to get him to face forward for the next umpteen years, but I digress).

Then Larry gave a talk on going to the temple. He told a story about Elder Scott that made me cry. How appropriate considering I was out in the cry room nursing right before he got up to speak. I'm glad too, because I'm sure I looked atrocious after all those tears!

Jonathan had fallen asleep about ten minutes before the end of church, so I was reluctant to get up to do the benediction. But I did and I felt better about it rather than leaving it to someone else. After sacrament, the Bishop asked me to come to his office to talk for a minute and I was able to FINALLY get my young women's medallion after earning it last February right before I was released from my yw secretary/personal progress calling. (Ironic considering the woman who was called into that position after me was released and replaced today).

Today was full of wonderful feel goods and opportunities. And to top it all off, Jonathan went to sleep before 8pm for the second night in a row! I've had a Super Sunday! =D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Friends

My goodness, I had a great day today. I spent the morning with Larry's family doing breakfast at Pieloon Restaurant where they've been going for the last 35 years. Then we headed over to Tia Yoli's house to chill on the back porch like always. I love being close to family.

Then before Jonathan could fall asleep completely, I took him back home hoping that he'd fall asleep before my girlfriend came over. I hadn't seen Jamie and her husband Marco since I don't even remember. I got on the computer hoping I'd catch her on Facebook and by a small miracle, I did. As fate would have it though, Jonathan didn't go down for a nap until about 10 minutes before they came. He was only down about 45 minutes. Not very long considering he takes a 20 minute in the mid morning and around a two hour in the early afternoon.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Marco with Jamie when they showed up at my house. They really are such a sweet couple. I wanted to get a picture for this entry, but our memory card was full and I only know how to unload the computer onto the hard drive, not a disk. (I'm sure it's not different, but I didn't have time to figure it out as I was running around like a crazy woman trying to pick up and put things away.) They spent around four hours just talking.

They brought their beautiful little girl Eliana with them and I got to meet her for the first time. They are awesome parents. She is the perfect little girl- such an angel! They live in Santa Ana and Larry has applied for a job out there, so if he gets the job, we'll be near good friends.

I can't even tell you how good it was to hook up with other friends who are parents. It was refreshing and good to touch bases.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So Big!

We took Jonathan to Furman Park by our house and waited forEVER to get a chance to swing Jonathan. I can't believe how big he is! He also upgraded to a size 5 diaper! (I usually get a picture of him in his first upsize diaper, but Lars didn't tell me that he'd put one on Jonathan until he was down for his nap. I'll have to get one of him tomorrow.)

Swinging with Daddy.
And later tonight, I thought his hair looked really cute so I
had Lars grab the camera.
But when I tried to get a few close-ups, he had already
grabbed his hair with his chubby wet hands.
I didn't have our video camera, so I took a little clip on our regular camera (which has no sound). Jonathan is happy, you can tell when he bounces up and down and kicks his legs, even if he isn't smiling. He's so chill most of the time it's hard to tell what's going on in that little head.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So today was a tragic day for those in the celebrity world. Farrah Fawcett (Charlie's Angels original TV star), lost her approx. 10 year battle with anal cancer this morning. Then at 2:30 this afternoon, it was announced Michael Jackson had died from a complete cardiac arrest.

I was actually tired of hearing and watching Farrah's battle, mostly because there are so many other people who have to deal with things like that who aren't famous who suffer as much or more than she did. Mean? Maybe, but her suffering has ended.

I went to nap with Jonathan knowing Michael had had a heart attack, but woke up to find he had been dead about ten minutes after I fell asleep. I wasn't really sad until I sat down to watch the news reel on FOX. Then I started to feel weird. It wasn't a surprise, but a sudden shock of knowing it really happened. I hope that he's found peace and that his closest family and friends can find comfort. He really did know how to write amazing music and lyrics. I'm sure he'll continue to influence generations to come.


Soooo, Lars and I went to check out our local YMCA. It made me go crazy! I wanted to jump in and work out... who knew I'd be so motivated. It's rather expensive for a family membership, but it includes soooo much! I think the thing that kills us is the sign-up fee. Oi! It's sooo much money. We're trying to make sure to budget and sacrifice some things so we can promote a healthy lifestyle for our children (well, when we have more than just 'child'). I really want to make sure to be in shape to keep up with my family. Jonathan's also old enough and ready to be left alone with a sitter for a couple hours most days, so I'm climbing the walls!

I'm not one of those people who can just work out because I like it or I need to. I've always had some sort of dance or aerobics class to keep me in line. I need structure in my work outs. Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, I've been bitten hard by the motivation bug and I want to spend my time getting fit, much like her. She's worked sooooo hard and it really shows. I'm very impressed by her dedication.

Here's hoping we can get in. If we can, then I'll most likely start a weight loss blog. YIKES!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bath Time

We just started using this awesome little foam pad in our bathtub for Jonathan. His Auntie Becca bought it for him when she was here a couple weeks ago on vacation. He was getting too big for the sink and she said that she'd been using this pad for both my nephews since the beginning.

Jonathan loves it. He gets to splash around more and he's so long, he fills up more than half the tub... at seven months! He's 25 lbs. and 29 inches. He was just weighed last week at WIC and he grew 3 entire inches and 1 lb. in a month from his last doctor's visit ! What a healthy little boy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Birthday Father's Day

Sooo, we celebrated more than just Father's Day today. (There's only a hand full of birthdays as a child that I can remember not celebrating my birthday with a cake that had a Father's Day theme.) Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I'm an entire quarter of a century old!! Weird. We had a great day on both days. Here are our exploits.

Lars and I worked to put together a nice little BBQ for the four of us: Larry, Jonathan, I and my sister-in-law Kristina. Larry and I had never made guacamole before, so he did the chopping and I did the mincing and blending. It turned out great even though we forgot cilantro. Lars grilled a Mexican marinaded chicken and I shucked fresh corn on the cob that got bbq'd and I made my old family traditional butter-fried crook-neck squash (in the purple bowl).

Our lovely meal. =)
Last night, I baked and frosted my first double layer cake. I knew I'd never have time to bake two cakes and frost and decorate while putting dinner on the table, too. I've never used the icing canisters before (only the homemade frosting you put into the paper tubes with the metal tips) and let me tell you, PRACTICE before you put it on the cake. The pressure is just like a can of squirt cheese, so it keeps coming out even after you're finished with your design! We put candles on it and they sang to me. I figured we didn't need two cakes, and since this was my special gift for Lars, we could share it.
I got a pink pastel opalescent beach cruiser for my birthday. I was going to get up and go on the Relief Society bike ride Early Saturday but I was still a bit sick from a food poisoning run from Thursday evening. The man we got it from was doing a pro-mo, so we got a $15 basket free...
And even it came with a "free gift"! ;)
It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It made my day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sixth Month Photo Shoot!!

I love my girlfriend Kellie. She's in my ward, she sits by us at church, she lives less than a block away, she's so much like me, and she loves my son! So, that means she has bonded well with him and she takes fabulous photos of the little angel. She always manages to me look great in pictures, even when I look like a hideous beast. Now that's talent!

Yeah, I know I'm cute...
Snooky face!!

Toesies and handsies!!

What's that? I wanna eat it!

For more, you can go check out http://thatssoyouphotography.blogspot.com/ or you can go to my facebook link at the bottom of the page on the right hand side (it should take you to my profile).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009