Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adult Session

Saturday was the adult session of stake conference. It seems like the talks were directed right at me. The spirit was so strong I cried at everything. Or maybe it's because I'm a mom now... who knows. But aside from the fact that conference was amazing, my husband and I had another experience to add.

Our bishop had his fourth son the day after we had Jonathan. He was carrying his son John (yes, ironic our sons were born a day apart from each other and essencially have the same name) around in his arms. Larry and I had a good chuckle at this. Since Bishop Townsend sits up on the stand in front of the congregation, we rarely get to see him in action with his younger children. It was a precious sight as he walked and bounced his youngest child around the foyer.

As we watched, Larry leaned into me and said, "It always makes a person more on your level to see them with their families." I responded in kind with, "I agree. Children: the great equalizers." And we chuckled some more.

Whether it's your first or twelfth child, you're always learning from each. Children put you right in middle ground with other parents. It's amazing to see how much a person really changes with the birth of a child.

I think now I finally feel the start of the great change I was expecting to happen instantaneously after I became a mother. It happens ever so slowy- like when you realize you should be asleep and not reading and designing blogs or scrapbooking in your baby books. =)


Dragon Maiden said...

Hehe. =D I think the parental equalizing started when you were pregnant, actually. And it's not just parents's anytime somebody has complete charge over a smaller/weaker person--children do indeed bring us all on a level. I'm so grateful for them...without them, we'd surely forget all of the sweetest and simplest beauty within our lives.

Kellie said...

Your blog is seriously adorable! <3 ya!

Quixotic Healer said...

Love the new look.

And I too teared up every few minutes in that meeting, lol.