Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Child of Mine

For my first born-

As the night brings peaceful rest
I lay you upon my breast
You are part of something holy
Oh Child of Mine.

Rocking, patting you to sleep
While you lay in slumber deep
Wrapped tightly in your blankie
Oh Child of Mine

Growing, learning more each day
May Lord watch you, this I pray
You are writing your own story
Oh Child of Mine

Happy eyes of bright blue hue
There's nothing I won't do for you
Your gaze inspires such love
Oh Child of Mine

Papi reads you books and things
Plays for you his guitar strings
I'll sing to complete our masterpiece
Oh Child of Mine

Hair of auburn in the sun
You are my precious little one
You make my life feel complete
Oh Child of Mine

Wiggly little toes, so sweet
On small and kicking lively feet
Tucked inside your crocheted booties
Oh Child of Mine

Quality time as a family
Mom, Dad, and Baby makes three
When together we rejoice
Oh Child of Mine

There are times that I still wonder
If I can be a good mother
Then you look and smile at me
Oh Child of Mine

You came from a place divine
And have chosen to be mine
You'll bring us celestial glory
Oh Child of Mine

Oh Child of Mine

Written March 25th, 2009


Kellie said...

That was beautiful and I'm tearing up as I read it. It is so amazing that you can really take such a big step back from all the stresses of being a mother and a wife (especially in this day and age) and truly comprehend how sacred motherhood is and how sacred your son's life is. One day he'll read that and have an even deeper love for you. Has Larry written music to go with that yet? It needs to be recorded!

Quixotic Healer said...

Lovely :)