Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Girl Shower

On Saturday, June 12th, my awesome Relief Society president threw me a baby shower at her house. There was a great brunch she and her daughter Jennie prepared and SO many of the women from my ward showed up, I was shocked! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law also came which was very important to me. I received soooo many wonderful things and felt overwhelmed by all the love a support from my ward, even though this was already my second baby.

I've posted just a few of the million photos my sister-in-law took.

One of the things my bff Mary and Karen Mathis (our ward organist and totally awesome woman) gave to me. This was off my registry! I was SUPER excited!!
Judy Massie, my former Primary President MADE this for my daughter in like, a week, since the invites didn't get mailed until around 5-7 days before my shower, even though it had been planned for nearly 2 months. (I dropped the ball on that one. =P)

And this was a Carter's set with a matching receiving blanket from my current Primary President, Lavona Langam. This one made me tear up. I love that woman!
A ballerina outfit from my good friends Monci and Alex Cuevas, mother and daughter.
Every one thought it was so cute that my girlfriend Kellie and I were wearing nearly the same color of dress (that ironically are both a little long for us) and we needed a picture. And we're both expecting!

It was a WONDERFUL shower and I received SO many things. So much so that I feel overly prepared for this little girl coming oh so soon!


Andrew and Lauren said...

Great post and pictures! Looks like you got some great things!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

:( I wish I coulda come. Glad you had a great shower though!