Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adorable Things Today

I've decided to keep a mini journal of things my son does for the day. He's so close to being two and does so many wonerful things each day, I don't want to forget anything, even though so much time has already lapsed. My camera is always up to something- lost, not with the memory card, computer won't download the files, etc. so I've come up with just this while my camera is waiting to be found so I can blog about our special vacay two weeks ago to Idaho.

Adorable Things Today:

Picked up most of his toys off the floor and actually left them in the container before we went to Gramma's

Spun around is circles with his eyes rolled back in his head (Need to video that. Flipping hilarious!)

Went to sleep for naptime ONLY after I sang him Christmas songs

Ate all his Gerber toddler lunch pack and topped it off with Cheerios. The kid can't get enough of them!

Actually played Patty-Cake with me for the first time- clapped my hands in his and gave me lots of high fives with squeals and giggles.

Came and crammed himself between the armrest and loved up to me on our new couch. (It's so much easier for him to come be with me because it's so low to the ground.)

Clapped for himself after bringing me my shoes so we could leave this afternoon.

Held still for Children's Book of Mormon scripture study tonight

Clasped his hands together for the first time on his own for family prayer on Daddy's lap

There's so many more things, but my brain is shutting down. These are the ones I could remember. I'm due next month. It's hard to phathom making room for another child when I love this quizzical wild child so dearly. Bring on the crying and neediness of this toddler- he'll be an only child for just a short time longer.


The Other Mary said...

What a good idea. Your little guy is SO cute. I like these stories :D

wRock said...

Yayyy! Oh, this is so wonderful! You know how much I love your son, and love hearing about him. =] Thank you for doing this. =D

Chiemi said...

Isn't childhood the best?!

Andrew and Lauren said...

Great idea! And I know what you mean, I'm glad I have a little longer to just enjoy Bennett.