Saturday, July 3, 2010

Master Bedroom Make-Over

For those of you who follow, thanks for so patiently waiting for me. Lars and I just finished our bedroom tonight about an hour ago. It took a LONG time to get here- just SO MANY stupid things. GAH! I don't even want to talk about it!

I didn't even remember to take 'Before' pictures, but believe me, for the handful of people who HAD seen our bedroom before, this is a fairytale. I'm SUPER proud of thinking it up and for my amazing husband for dealing with my extremely moody, snappy, demanding, overly forgetful self as we worked on this project over the last four months, and especially the last week. BIG shout out to our friend Chris, who came over directly from work this past Monday who helped rearrange the furniture in there, otherwise, we'd still be waiting to get this done and with only 2 1/2 weeks until D-day, we needed to make room for the bassinet STAT!!

Now for your viewing pleasure: Our Master Bedroom.

PS. Once the bathroom gets deep-cleaned next week and the decos are put in the Nursery, I'll post about those, since they were started back in March!! (Gotta love keeping a balanced budget. =P)


The Other Mary said...

Oh WOW it turned out SO cute!!! I didn't really get what you were going to do with the curtains, so it was still a surprise for me, ha ha. I love it, and I love the picture frames!!

I love the colors, and how the white shows through....(are you going to paint, or keep it white?)

Great job! It must feel so nice to have it ready for your babeh!

Katie said...

VERY CUTE!! nicely done!

Dragon Maiden said...

Yaaay for room makeovers!!! It's so lovely! I'm so happy that you got it done...and there's so much space! Huzzah!

Dawnyel said...

SO cute!! VERY nice!! WTG!! WOOT WOOT!! (Any more praise for you? YES, you are amazing! Re-decorating while pg?? SERIOUSLY! WTG!)

Kellie said...

LOVE, love, love, love, LOVE this! You did a GREAT job!!!

Andrew and Lauren said...

Wow, looks fantastic! Never would have thought about doing that before, maybe I'll try something like that when we get our own house (not getting one just yet). We've never lived in a place for more than a year or a year and a half at the most, so odds are any project started would never get finished in time.