Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adorable Things

Adorable Things Today:

Had a mini-meltdown about his Mega Blocks spilling out of the bag. (He likes to take them out one at a time and put them all back in very neatly, lol.)

Took ten minutes to eat his first piece of lettuce from my Ceasar salad and came back for more

We've been teaching him "soft" by taking his hands when he gets excited and hits us in the face or chest and stroking where he hit us- this afternoon, Jonnie climbed up into my lap and caressed my face and patted my neck and belly without being prompted. Sooo CUTE!

Helped Daddy unload the groceries by carrying his HUGE Costco-sized box of Wheat Goldfish all the way up our apartment stairs

Ate nearly ALL of Lars spicy baked beans AND mine during dinner. He must love them- he's never had them before!

Proceeded to open and half empty my new box of panty liners all over Daddy's lap while he slept

Is starting to understand that even if he's crazy during family scripture study, he likes to be quiet (most of the time) and watch me or Lars as we say family prayer

Not along list, but still. These are SO funny to Lars and me!


wRock said...

Hahaaha!!! Crackers and panty liners. XDDD *laughs insanely* What a funny bubby!!

Andrew and Lauren said...

I so would have taken pictures of the panty liner incident, but I doubt Andrew would have liked the idea.

Rebekah said...

Lauren, if you remember, I don't have my camera right now. I mentioned that in the last post. I WANTED pictures. It was epic!