Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Adorable Things Today:

When Jonathan was over at Gramma's, my sister-in-law came out of her room and he clasped his hands behind his back like a little gentleman waiting to be noticed by her.

*forgot to mention* He lays down when he wants to be changed, even if he goes to get up the minute we sit down to do it.

Fell asleep in the car on the way home from Gramma's this afternoon even though we live only 3 blocks away, holding onto my water bottle

I didn't get him out of the crib after naptime immediately because he was very groggy, so he just laid in his crib dozing in and out of consciousness while I sat in my rocker watching him. (It was SO cute! Very much like Mommy and Daddy when we can't get up. lol)

Used a fork at dinner tonight for the first time and was pretty good. He still tries to use it mostly like a spoon, but he's starting to try to stab things with the spoon like a fork. He's figure them out eventually.

Said "Amen" after prayer tonight, sounds more like "Ah- Mah!", but you can tell he knows what he's trying to day. Lars said he started doing it yesterday, but I heard it tonight since it was my lap Jonathan was sitting in.

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