Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wet Feet and Pruney Toes

Last Wednesday on the first, we went and had a pretend bbq at our friends' Brett and Kellie's. It was pretend because the gas line to their apartment's bbq was out and non-operational. But we did our meats on their Foreman, so it was all good. We also went for a swim in their pool and it was Jonnie's first time in a real pool- our backyard blowup doesn't count. =p

Jonnie's pruney feeties after a good swim. So cute!
And here's the size five diaper shot I took 4 days after he'd already started the first pack of size fives. For all I know he's bigger than when he wore his first size five diaper.Then on Monday, Larry was playing in the wet grass and I thought it would be so cute if he did footprints on the sidewalk with Jonnie.

I was getting jealous and wanted in on the fun.
I didn't know it, but Lars was playing with Jonnie in the sink yesterday and took this adorable photo! Jonathan really does look like his daddy.
I love my boys! They make life entertaining. =)


Chiemi said...

So many cute pictures! I love the sink one.

Andrew and Lauren said...

I love the foot print ones! I dunno though, I think Jonnie looks more like you.