Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Week in Pictures

I've been meaning to upload and blog every night, but Lars and I've been working very hard to make and keep a normal night-time schedule. So to get the card empty and finish what I started, here's our week thus far.

Last Thursday, I was trying to make more room in the fridge so I emptied out the egg cartons and put the eggs in the door shelf. I gave Jonathan one of the cartons and he loved it!
On Friday morning while I was getting ready for the day, I took this shot. I've been meaning to take sleeping shots of Lars every month to compare and contrast Jonathan's growth, but every time I wanted to to do it, we were all so tired we couldn't think about where the camera was or even if the memory card was in it.

Sunday night was a break-through for our little boy. Normally he only falls asleep for the night nursing, but I took him off to see if I could start training him to fall asleep in my arms without the comfort of nursing. It took about 10 minutes for him to settle, but he did it.

Monday morning, Jonathan went up to a size 6 diaper. Yes, that's right. I said size 6. I know what you're all thinking, "I thought he just went up to a size 5 a couple weeks ago." You'd be spot on. The diaper is a little big in the bum and we have to put it up high in the back, but his waist needs the room and I wouldn't be surprised if he actually fits the whole diaper in a month or so. I really don't know what we're going to do because as far I know, diapers only go up to size 7. After that, it's all pull-ups and he's not even close to being ready to potty train!
Monday afternoon, we went grocery shopping instead of Tuesday like we planned because it was SO hot in our house. We needed some a/c. After we loaded up the groceries in the back seat (because Jonathan's stroller was in the trunk), we found he'd fallen asleep after we got home. We're very careful about the bags so he doesn't get his little hands on them because, like most babies, he loves the crinkly sound they make. I found a little piece in between his fat little fingers. After I took this, I promptly took it out.
Here's the full shot from the backseat window.
Now that's he's getting big, he's getting into lots more trouble. The kid can't even walk yet! =P


Andrew and Lauren said...

Yay for lots of pictures! Interesting idea with the egg carton, we don't really have toys that Bennett can play besides stuffed animals. I loved the sleeping pictures :) Just one more size for diapers huh? Yeah, I was pretty sure they didn't get any higher and I was wondering the other day what you'd have to do. Best of luck there!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I bet as soon as he starts getting mobile you won't have to worry that much about diaper sizes. He'll work off some of that chub, and you'll miss it! I just love the photos! It makes you just want to squeeze him!