Friday, July 17, 2009

New Stuff!

Sooo, the bathfoamy that Jonathan's been using for around a month has stopped being very effective at bath time. He rolls and wiggles like crazy and ends up mostly off of it- not very safe.

Thursday, a few hours before Jonathan's bath, we went to Walmart to get a few things, (the main thing of which we went for, was out of stock- LAME). We picked up a purple hippo step stool for me to sit on to lean over the edge of the tub, a froggy faucet cover (because he's started to kick it and I don't want him getting hurt), and Disney Cars slip guard bathmat for Jonathan to sit on.

He has lots of fun being able to sit up for the first time in the bath, but he's much more grabby and I had to fight to keep my hands on his rinsing cup. Obviously, I gave up and let him have it.


Dragon Maiden said...

Aww yay!!! Happy adorable lil water baby!! ^__^

Andrew and Lauren said...

Yeah we need to get one of those mats for Bennett when he takes his bath too. Looks like Jonnie is having fun! Bummer about Walmart, ours is being remodeled AND moved around, wondering if they're becoming a super walmart or just bored with the old layout. Anyway, its almost impossible to find anything now!