Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Temple Trip!!!!!

Yesterday, Lars and I made a trip to the temple. It was Jonathan's first trip. (He was asleep in the car when we stopped by for a photo op at New Port when my brother and his family were here last month, but I don't think it counts.)

Jonathan loved being outside in the cool fresh air with the
hynms playing on the grounds.
It's impossible to get Jonathan to look at the camera at
the same time as an adult when he's in new surroundings.
A wide shot of us in front of the LA temple.

Lars and I had planned to do initiatories one at a time, taking turns watching Jonathan having me going first. After I came out Jonathan was ready to go home, so we packed up and ended up needing to stop at a Jack in the Box before we got on the freeway so he could nurse.
I had SUCH and amazing time! It was the first time I've been able to go since I was seven months pregnant when we did sealings with some very close friends. I wish I could've done a session, but really, the fact that I got to spend any time in the temple at all was incredibly special. Bless my sweet husband for giving me that time.
On our walk back to the car we met this adorable young woman named Amanda who'd just moved to Santa Monica from Utah to be a nanny for a year. We chatted for a bit then directed her to the baptistery. I hope someday to run into her again.
When we were talking on our way home, I insisted that Larry get to go to the temple today, since he didn't get go yesterday. I think since he isn't home after a couple hours, he decided to do a session instead of initiatories. I'm glad he's gotten a chance to go, too. I'm not sure when he'll be home, but at least the baby's napping. =)


The Hammond Family said...

I loove going to the temple! I always get such a spiritual uplift when I go!
p.s. the pics are cute! your baby is growing so fast!:)

Chiemi said...

That's neat that you got to go to the temple! We are going tonight for the first time since we moved here.

Andrew and Lauren said...

Thats so cool that Larry let you go first. We're actually going to the Temple tonight do! With his grandpa (who asks me to call him that too! He's better than BOTH of my real ones!), and my in-laws will watch Bennett. Andrew will do a family name from my side, anyway, thanks for the pictures of YOU! I love to see your smiling face!

Raquel said...

thats awesome! i havent gone since we were sealed to the kids. its so hard with babies (esp 2 babies)

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

It's always super rewarding to go to the temple for the first time after having a baby. Keep at it, even when you have other babies! The more babies you have, the easier it is to make excuses. Glad you had a good time and also that you both got the chance. :)