Friday, July 10, 2009

This 'n That

Today was a happy/sad day. Jonathan turned 8 months old! This morning, we went to Tustin see off some of our very best friends before they leave tomorrow morning. We will miss the Dustin, Whitney, and their son Jason Hemsath very much. Dustin got a job in Arizona teaching Spanish at a brand new high school and Whit will finally be able to be a stay-at-home mom. We will miss you but are thrilled for this new chapter to start in your lives.

Later, we went with my mother-in-law to the Toys R Us in Bell Gardens. I loved the storybooks there because they come with both English and Spanish in the same book, which is SO important for Jonathan and our future kids to learn!

We also looked to see if we could find a car for him to push himself around in that was safe enough and would keep him strapped in, since he loves to scoot. This was one that worked. Unfortunately, all the ones that would've worked for him were far too much money for our college wallets. =P

As you can see, he LOVED it!
Don't you dare try to take me out, Mommy!
WHOA! The traffic is crazy today!
He's so big now that he can sit in the toddler chairs by himself.
After we came home, ate dinner, and bathed Jonnie, we put him in his play pen. He loves to stand up by himself. He's very good at it. The other day I left him to stand by himself while I washed some dishes and he stood for around 20 minutes!! (Don worry, the pad in the bottom of the pen is very soft and so are his toys if he falls and/or hits his head.)

Standing all by himself!
Bright eyes with ever-vigilant Daddy nearby to catch baby if he falls.

He's also mobile now. Before, he would only scoot on his bum a few inches before getting extremely frustrated. He's been working on it for around 2 1/2-3 weeks now, rolling around trying to figure out how to get from his back to his tum-tum. He's been doing that for about week, but the last couple days, he now log rolls to get around. I'm glad we've been giving him more tummy-time. He seems like he wants more of it now than when he was little. I'm pretty sure that he'll learn to crawl. He was just so stubborn for so long that I wasn't sure if he'd ever learn! But skill-wise, according to a few parenting books I flip through, he's right where he should be. Nonetheless, it makes me feel relieved that he's a bit more mobile, even in some tiny way. He's not so frustrated anymore, for now.


Andrew and Lauren said...

Jonnie sure is getting big! I know what you mean about wanting to buy toys that you can't afford :( I kinda feel bad for Bennett, he's outgrown his swing so now he just has his gym...which he promptly pulls apart! Thanks for the pictures, its great to see your baby. Be sure to post some of yourself too! I miss seeing you!

Chiemi said...

That boy is killing me with how big he is!! I swear he doesn't look eight months old. He's practically the same size as Arwen. He looks adorable on that little car.