Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 10th, 2010

Yesterday, I threw a shower for this woman. Mary is my best friend out here and a phenomenal person. I wanted to make sure that her first shower for her first baby would be super special.

The delicious food that Janet and Jennie made.

The diaper cake I made and the big gifts that wouldn't fit on the gift table.

Gift table (more gifts were stacked on the floor).

I LOVE this expression. With the generosity of many of the women in our ward, I was able to order Mary's car seat and expedite it in time for the shower for her group gift. I caught the look right as she opened it!!

Kellie put together the little things we talked about and it was perfect. A guessing game...

Loving Advice to for the Mother-to-Be.

And my baby turned 20 whole months old. *sigh*

It was a GREAT day. Without the help of my good friends Janet, Jennie, and Kellie Larsen (and of course the wonderful women in my ward) this shower would not have happened. Thanks ladies! And congratulations to Mary on her upcoming arrival of her baby boy!!


Dragon Maiden said...

Yaaay for a wonderful showwah! I'm so proud of your for pulling this off sooo close to your own due date! It's exciting and FUN when you get to throw the party, isn't it!?! W00P WOOP for amazing friends!!

The Other Mary said...

You all did such an amazing job! Everything was lovely :)

And I can't believe you caught that look on my face, ha ha!

Andrew and Lauren said...

Looks like she got some great gifts!