Sunday, July 11, 2010

Diaper Cake Supreme

Alrighty. I've been waiting a MONTH to make this post. But now that I've thrown the shower, I can dig out the photos and put them up for all to see!

To start, I saw an ad for a a diaper cake on Craigslist while searching for things while pregnant with my son. And Oh! I wanted one SO BAD!! I'd never heard of anything so awesome before! Needless to say, I didn't get one. (Boo hoo. I got over it.) I wanted to get one for my girlfriend's shower I was throwing and my sister Rae and I scoured the internet to find one that was affordable with shipping. Simply put, there wasn't one. So we set to work on trying to find tutorials.

That was SUPER hard, too! Finally, Rae found a really good one on youtube. I watched it over and over and over again. Then I decided to check out the other ones on there to see if I liked them better. Some were not how I liked it, but I did glean some fabulous ideas. *If you make one, don't watch the videos that are less than 6 minutes long. They're ads for selling diaper cakes.*

After rounding up the things I needed to make the diaper cake, I discovered that it was more expensive to make it myself than order one. But I couldn't go back. I was on a mission. And seriously, I was so hyped up about it, there was NO WAY I was going back and returning all that stuff. I can't even remember how may stores I had to go to to get supplies that worked for me. What can I say, I'm a perfectionist. (A.k.a. Picky little snot.)

I did make a step-by-step photo tutorial, but my camera died half way through, so what you see here are the finished product from all angles. It took 5 hours for me to make, what with a toddler running around and being extremely pregnant and not able to sit in a hard wooden chair for more than an hour at a time (even though I did).

Front view

Left side

Back right side

Left back side

Left side

I stuffed it full of goodies. I'm glad I'd picked these up, since I was short some diapers to make it full enough at the bottom, so it worked out. This is the bottom layer. I put lots of goodies in it, booties, teethers, baby bath products, and wash cloths to fill it out.

The second layer I rolled onesies to fill it out because once again I didn't have enough diapers. I had just enough to make sure it was all filled. The top layer was all diapers.

Now that I know how to make these, I'm seriously addicted. Since this was my first, it was a HUGE learning experience and now I know how to do them quicker, better, and less expensively. If you have any questions on how to make one or would like to order one, I'd be more than happy to let you know how much they cost (depending on what you want in them) and work out an order. I didn't know I could be crafty, but this is definitely something I love doing. But be aware that I'm 10 days away from a delivery myself, so I'll be taking a break from anything and everything for around 2 months. XD


Chiemi said...

I know what you mean about diaper cakes being addicting. I love making them, but they are SO expensive. That was so nice of you and the Larsens to throw Mary a baby shower!

Kellie said...

Your cake was perfect & so was the shower!

Dragon Maiden said...

This...this is amazing! ASTOUNDING, INCREDIBLEEE! You truly outdid yourself, love. No wonder you were so exciting to give it to Mary! Again, I'm so proud of you! *majormajorhugs*

Andrew and Lauren said...

Wow, that is an AMAZING diaper cake! I bet your friend's mouth just dropped!

Life is for laughing.... said...

that is the coolest diaper cake i ever seen great job :)