Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful 3 (yesterday's post, internet was down)


I am SO thankful for fresh, clean running water. I don't have much of a view while looking out of my bay window in my living room, but what I do see I love am very thankul for- there is a well house with a HUGE pipe that extends from it about 5 feet sround and 12 feet long before it goes into the ground, enclosed behind chainlink and brick walls on either side. Our city is one of only 3-4 in the entire area of Soutern California that has its own natural clean water well that doesn't have to borrow and pay another city for its use of water. And I'm lucky enough to live right on top of it! I do enjoy great hot water and cold water, good pressure most days, too.

I've had to try to live without running water for a few days on more than one occation over at my mother-in-law's while the plumbing was on the fritz and I'll tell you, running to the grocery store around the corner every 10 minutes is not very condusive to a normal lifestyle. =P

All the normal things in life we do everyday take lots and lots of water- bathroom use, laundry, making baby formula/food, washing our hands, cooking, cleaning up baby, drinking, etc. You get the picture. How blessed are we to live in such a wonderful time that we have fresh water at the twist of a faucet knob?

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Chiemi said...

It's such a simple thing, but definitely something to be grateful for!