Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thankful 2

Alrighty. This may sound reaaaaally shallow, but here it goes. Today I am thankful for cable. I've missed it, but have learned that I can function and DO much more if I just shut off the tv.

But today I got cable. I feel like I've really made it, as if I'm really a grown up because I now have to pay for my own cable. Weird? Maybe, but everyone has that moment in their lives when they feel like they've really matured and are fully into adulthood. It just so happens that today was my day.

I'm most thankful for it because on those long days-Monday, Tuesday, and any other day that he needs to fully consentrate without a wife and a toddler vying for attention- I can flip it on in the evenings around 5-6 and have an adult voice to keep me company. I get so lonely around that time of night. It just feels nice to be able to have "adult conversation" around me after the entire day full of baby babbling and squealing.

**NOTE** I tried to publish this last night, but the internet connection was in and out for around 2 hours.

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