Monday, August 31, 2009

Nine Month Check-up (Beware: IMG dump)

Jonathan had his nine month check-up today. He did wonderfully. He was 29 1/4 inches long (90th percentile), weighed 27 1/2 lbs. (still off the charts), and according to the pediatrician, far exceeds the skill set for babies in his age bracket. Like I needed the doctor to tell me he's above average. ;)

We stopped at Kellie's to pick up his nine month photos from a couple weeks ago. I LOVE THEM! I've been trying (unsuccessfully) for the last six hours to upload the rest of the pictures but the site won't allow it on this post. The first five photos were taken on the 8th and the rest were taken on the 15th. I'll try in a couple days to upload the rest from the first day. They're all just too good to keep to myself!

Also, on the 21st and 24th, Jonathan FINALLY popped out his top two front teeth! YAY!

Our little sun dial. He keeps the time in our house.


I'm ready for my photos now...
Life can be so hard...

Little Angel

Kewpie Butt!
All by myself! Well, almost...
My big boy!
No stoppin' this train!
This one cracks me up!!
Max Factor "bedroom eyes"
Who me?


Quixotic Healer said...

Wow! I love the Black and Whites especially.

Dragon Maiden said...

Oh, Beka!!!!! He's so gorgeous, he really does look like a doll! I can't hardly believe somebody as beautiful and adorable as Jonnie is can actually exist--he seems too perfect to be real!! You all look so happy, and I can't pick a favey shot--I love them all! *hugs* ^__^

Chiemi said...

Kellie did such a good job! He has SUCH pretty eyes!

Andrew and Lauren said...

He's 29 inches long? I think that's how tall Bennett is. I tape measured him about a week before we moved. He'll have his 9 mth check up on the 9th and I'll post his stats. Thanks for posting all the pictures, I look forward to seeing the rest :) We're thinking that our next family photo shoot will be around Bennett's birthday. You're really lucky to have had so many photo shoots already to document his changes. :)