Friday, April 9, 2010


Easter was awesome this year. My oldest brother Daniel came down over night to spend Sunday with us. Even though I didn't get to cook for him like I normally love to and vice versa, it was wonderful to experience such a wonderful conference with him.

I have a few pictures from the beginning of Spring Break/Conference weekend.

Thursday night, Jonathan went to sleep SUPER early- at 7 and I was sure that he'd wake up sometime around 9-11, but he never did. I put him down in his summer onesie and a full daytime diaper and was worried sick about him as i went to sleep. When Daddy went in to get him the next morning, he was soaking wet, freezing, and super smelly. Poor boy. Even though he wreaked, I had Lars strip him down, put him into a new diaper and put him in bed with me to warm him up since he was too upset for a bath at that time. Lars brought him his morning milk and we cuddled until he was warm and calm enough to take a bath. (For some reason, I can't get this photo to upload right, no matter how much I mess with it.)

Easter Sunday, he got a mini package of M&M's that came with his Easter basket. He's a big fan.

Right before my brother headed out the door to make good time back to Vegas, we took some photos. Forgive the sloppy p.j. look. I don't get dressed or dress my family during Conference unless it's demanded.

It's little blurry, since my son thinks he's "The Flash", but here are 'the boys'. I love them. =)

Can you tell we're related?

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