Monday, December 7, 2009


Today was wild. I was supposed to hang out with my girlfriend Kellie today, but she was in her cleaning groove and was still doing so when I returned her call this afternoon. I laughed and joked about it with her, but when I hung up, I was so depressed. I was really looking forward to escaping the dungeon which was my apartment.

I was on Facebook later talking to a very dear friend of mine who I grew up with telling her about my pregnancy. I felt she could really get me since she has 3 children and her first two are more than likely the same age distance as mine will be. But as I talked to her, I just started to feel worse. That never happens when I talk to her. So I got off the net and had a quick thought pop into my head.

I called my girlfriend and visiting teacher Mary. When she answered the phone, I nearly lost it. I was at my rope's end. I asked her if she could come over to help me. She said "Of course. I have the missionaries over but I'll be over in 15 minutes."

I felt bad for calling her in the middle of having the elders over, but right after I hung up, I started to feel SO much better. I had a little burst of energy to bathe my son and get him ready for bed, which I rarely do without my husband.

In the time waiting for her, Lars came home for a few minutes to unload his baggage, pick up the computer and leave. Right as he was leaving, Mary called saying she was waiting at the gate. I was trying to find my shoes, but by the time I was able to find some that wouldn't leak rain water into them, someone had let her in and she met me at the bottom of my balcony stairs.

And we divided and conquered. She did my dishes. Can I just tell you how amazing it was to have someone do all those piles of dishes that were making me so sick I could barely walk into my kitchen? I was able to sort through the trash and toys on the front room floor and get it all picked up and vacuumed. She even helped me rearrange the tree and furniture. It was beyond crowded and the tree was sucking the light out of the room. Needless to say, it wasn't helping a very moody mother feel better about her position of staying inside all day because it's been raining. While she did the dishes, I was also able to scrub my tub and bathroom counter top and clear off my bar area to put up a nativity my step mom bought me last year.

Mary came over around 7 and didn't leave until after 10. Before she left, she actually thanked me for feeling comfortable enough to let her come over and help. Who does that?? Seriously?

I love Mary. I'm so grateful she came over. You're awesome! Can I just say I love you? Well, I love you.


Chiemi said...

What an awesome VT/friend!

Andrew and Lauren said...

You're very lucky, I still have yet to meet my Visiting Teachers. I sure could have used mine.

Sharon said...

Awww! Mary is an angel!

Quixotic Healer said...

;) Anytime.

And I love you too!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Bekah...I'm glad you have a friend to lean on when times get hard. That was super nice of her to come over and give you moral support and do your dishes. I know how that is to not want to do housework when you're pregnant, but it piles up and makes you sick.

I felt really bad when you talked about talking to me on facebook. I hope I didn't say something that offended you, me and "ALL MY MOMMY KNOWLEDGE", having three kids and all. Really, even though I have three, I still feel like a new mom many days and it was really good for me to talk to you that day. I'm sorry if I seemed rushed or not sincere. I miss you a lot. I think about you often and I wish I was closer to you to be a better friend. Love ya Bekah. I'm sorry, if I hurt your feelings. Good luck with your pregnancy.