Friday, December 4, 2009

Jonathan's **FIRST** Visit with Santa!!

Tonight at our ward Christmas party, Santa showed up! I was so happy, since last year Jonathan was too sick and had only been home from surgery for a few days. That and the party got cancelled due to the release of the entire Primary presidency (which consequently happened AGAIN last Sunday).

The food was amazing. It was the first real meal I've been able to eat in about a week. Funeral potatoes, bacon-soaked green beans, cinnamon glazed ham, seamed baby carrots Oh! It was good. Let's just say I looked more than my share of pregnant after I was done eating and I'm only around 7-9 weeks pregnant. =P

Here we are, all piled on Gary Langham, uh, I mean Santa Claus' lap. I had a picture taken with only Jonathan and I at first because Larry was helping clean up in the cultural hall. Gary wouldn't let me up off his lap until I told him what I wanted for Christmas and I said, "I want a nice, easy pregnancy." He chuckled and said, "Honey, I'm only Santa Claus. I can only do so much!" Silly Santa. But I was able to find Lars and we got a a family shot. Lars told Santa he wanted a new computer for Christmas. Yeah, right. Not with a new baby on the way.
Then Santa came through the cultural hall doors after the benediction. Our ward young women came in after him. So cute! Santa's reindeer. =)

Marley (the girl on the right) put her antlers on Jonathan. I was lucky to get a clear shot with how much he was moving. He was trying to figure out where the jingling was coming from. Hee, hee!
This was his little stocking for visiting Santa. Needless to say, his younger sibling ate it....
It was such a good night full of wonderful food and great entertainment. The Primary kids did their Nativity program. I had a shared solo singing with the children. They were so cute, I had a hard time choking back tears before the last number with my solo in it.
I can hardly wait until I can go home and do the Nativity with my own family on Christmas Eve like we did every year growing up!


Little Yancey Family said...

I love how you all had to sit on santas lap. too funny

Kellie said...

HAHA!! "needless to say his younger sibling ate it" HAHAHAHA!!! Love it!

I think its so cute that you all saton santas lap.

Chiemi said...

That family picture is SO cute!

Andrew and Lauren said...

So cool! Only Bennett and I went to the ward party this year -- Andrew's been really sick again (not with Swine Flu, he's already had that). Don't have the pictures yet but he didn't cry! I was so proud--about every other kid did. I love your white coat! Gorgeous!