Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Digs

As you all know, Lars and I have moved into our new place and let me tell you- it's the hardest easiest, most wonderful, terrible thing ever.

Allow me to explain:

I thought having Lars go to work would be SO hard, but after a few days, we adjusted and I had help when I was desperate for a break during the day because of my wonderful sister-in-law and sometimes even my mother-in-law. Then we found out we could afford to move and to live on our own and believe me, I don't think anyone in the ENTIRE WORLD wanted to move more than I did. I won't complain about it because now that I'm not in the thick of living there anymore, I can truly appreciate how much of a sacrifice it was for all involved for us to live with my in-laws until we could afford to move.

After living here during the day with only the baby, I've started to discover why my girlfriend who used to live here would walk to the local strip mall all the time. With an active child and no play area in the complex and no cable, a person can go nuts trying to find things to do in a small 2nd story apartment.

I am incredibly grateful to live on our own, but I didn't really understand how tight things really can get, even though we were living on $400 a month for the first year and a half of our marriage (and living in California, that's no small feat). I have a greater appreciation for those women whom I love and am friends with for all the hard work they put into making a home for their families and all of the activities they provide for their children.

It's hard work being a stay-at-home-mom with no car in a big city. I have so many things I want to do and, if I'm honest, I'm desperate for some advice on how to make time for myself with a child in tow. I really need an outlet so my poor friends I have out here won't keep getting sick of me. So please, all of you mothers who know where I'm at in life, bestow upon me your wisdom on how you keep your sanity.

After all that, let me tell you I LOVE living here. I love being able to put things where I want to them and filling the fridge and organizing things the way I want to, and cooking the things I love the way I learned. Like I said to my friend who lives here, "Kellie, I feel so liberated! There's a well of delight and pride knowing that I can do things for myself and not have to worry about every little thing offending someone else. I really feel like a grown-up."


Chiemi said...

During the summer I would go swimming nearly every single day. I'm sure it's too cold right now, but just wait for summer. It will be HEAVENLY. Something I found that really made me feel good was getting up early and going for a run a few times around the block. It was so peaceful and refreshing. Running might not be the thing you are into, but I think getting up a little earlier every morning for some sort of exercise will help start your morning off right. When Jonathan goes down for a nap that is ideal for a little self time. Paint your toes nails and watch a movie. Get some good books lined up and sneak in a little time to read when you can. Start up a hobby you can do in the evenings or during naptimes. For me it's sewing. I know you can do this! :)

Our Family said...

I sgree with what the above lady said! Find a new hobby, something you can take time to learn. It's fun trying new things! A few good books are always good as well. I read SOOO much when V. was a baby, and We went for a lot of walks just to get out and get some freash air.

Andrew and Lauren said...

Must be nice to not live on a razors edge. Don't really have advice on what to do with a baby who moves. Best of luck!

Becca said...

I know how tough it is with only one car. I would find time for myself by going on walks with Parker when we only had one car. Parker was entertained by the small things, or I would find a leaf for him to play with or a rock or bring a book. That way I would get exercise and me time in. Also I'm a big advocate of Ladies Night Outs or Mom Night Outs. They can rejuvinate your spirit and lift you up as a mom! Also, when Parker was napping and still when Timmy naps and Parker watches a movie, that's me time! I go take my shower or read a book or clean. Another thing that I do for me time is having the gym membership, but it's hard when you only have 1 car. Good luck! I've been there!