Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sooo, I've been TERRIBLE about keeping up with my little bloggy. I have a gagillion things to post clear from Spring Break at the end of last month and I promise to try and get them all up by the next couple weeks in time line format, but the reason is because I've discovering my "domesticity." I discovered I'm an amazing cook! I love to bake! Since coming back from Idaho, I've been spending my blogging hours baking. My stepmom taught me how to make bread from scratch back in Idaho and it's like a curtain has been lifted from my mind and I have no fear of cooking. I feel like such a good wife and mom!

I've also been exploring my new sewing machine. It's WILD! Fifteen types of stitches and a million changeable parts... one of which it does quilting designs!! Now I can sew my own comforter for our ginormous California king size. I can never find a quilt big enough to drape far enough over the edges the way I like. YAY! It'll be a real learning experience. I've only repaired a pair of maternity jeans to lend to a girlfriend since being home, but I have a several pairs of jeans and dress pants to hem. It's been nearly 3 years since my stepmom showed me how to do it, so let's hope I can remember. I want so much for Larry to look decent instead of dragging his pants all over the place. Both of us have short legs that are impossbile to fit and long torsos that make it diffecult to find shirts long enough. (I'm so grateful for the trend change the last few years with the longer shirts.)

I've yet to collect enough pairs of jeans to make a jeans quilt, so that's on the project list, too along with a Halloween costume for Jonathan. Now that I have a machine, I can't stop thinking of things I want to try. For now though, I'm good with the little projects I have already. It's nearly impossible to find the time to do those, let alone a major one like a quilt or costume.

Larry's been busy, too. He will graduate on Sunday, May 24th at 8 am. Early, you say? Yes, but it gets STIFLINGLY hot out here by 10 in the morning, so because the graduation is done outside, they try to have the ceremony wrapped up before noon. Smart I think. I'm very proud of my husband. It seems like he's in school FOREVER. In a couple weeks he'll take the CSET to determine if he's proficient in teaching his particular subject: chemistry. I'm sure he'll pass, but prayers are much appreciated on his behalf. We would love very much to be finished with school for awhile (until we can afford to put him through graduate school) and to be independent. (Larry's mother has been generously sharing her house for very little rent so we could afford to get through school).

I thought I'd post some photos of my little angel from bath time tonight. He's getting SO BIG! I had a couple size 4 diapers left at our house back at Christmastime when he was still a newborn, but I wanted to see if he was big enough to fit into them and he did! Now I need to get a Costco membership. No diaper has fit him better or been better for his sensitive skin than Pampers, but apparently he does fabulous in Kirkland diapers from Costco. Good thing, too. MUCH cheaper!

He's also been doing a lot of new things. He's most talkative right after he nurses, so it's hard to catch it on video due to mommy modesty issues. But he started to make a "yah" sound Sunday morning before church. It's his first major attempt at consonents. He's become very dexterous and loves to pick up and hold things to chew on. He's also tried French fries (which he loved), avacado, pear, green apple slices (he loves them cold to teethe on), and he's finally come around to eating banana unlike his second feeding.

Anyhoo, enjoy the photos!

Jonathan's First Mohawk


FireFlower said...

Bekah! Your baby is so beautiful~ He is just growing like a little teeny weed. Now that I understand exactly what that means. Lol. :) Being a parent sure changes stuff! I hope everything is going great~ Tell Larry I said congrats on graduating and I hope the job market is easy to bust into. I miss you!
Hugs and kisses from Idaho~~
Caprice & Ella

Dragon Maiden said...

I luuuuuuuuuuuurve Jonnie-cakes! I wanna snuggle him and give him zrbitts on his happy little tum-tum!

Jenn Hansen said...

You have been busy! Tell Larry Congratulations!

Chiemi said...

Whew! You have been busy! That pretty exciting about Larry graduating. I swear it felt like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders when Dustin graduated. Good for you in your domestic-ness!!

Kellie said...

I feel like I haven't seen you in FOR EV ER! I love the little bath pics! So cute!! You GO girl with your sewing skills! I cannot WAIT for B to finish school! We're SO proud of Larry and all that he's accomplished. You guys should come over next week for a celebratory dinner!!

Lauren Hayes said...

Thanks for keeping up the blog, its really nice to know what's going on in your neck of the woods! :)

Quixotic Healer said...

SOOooo cute. I miss you guys!