Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Goings On

Today was full of amazing things. I spent the entire day with Jonathan until 5:30 pm without turning on the tv or computer. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't. I made up my mind that I wanted to be a better mother than I've been thus far. I spend far too much time wasting away in front of some dumb screen rather than spending that time teaching my wonderful little boy good things and helping him to accomplish physical feats for his age. It felt good to close out the world wide web and experience the earth as it was intended: outdoors with family.

We went on a wonderful walk this morning and then came back home and spent time learning to sit up, tummy-time on the floor mat together, and time in the new walker learning how to use our hand dexterity with different objects including banana cookies (which he LOVED), among other things. It's truly amazing how much time goes by when you choose to spend quality time with those you love.

Tonight when we all went to the grocery store, Jonathan was getting restless in his carseat in the cart, so I pulled him out to see if he would be able to sit in the child seat part of the cart.... and he was able to!! I'm very proud of his growing up, but it seems like all his growing is happening all at once. Just yesterday, he started to swallow most of the rice cereal we fed him. Now he's big enough to sit (with a little help from a blankie) in the chart chair and Larry bought him his first sippy cup. **sigh**

When we were bathing him during his regular night time bath, he discovered the hose to the sprayer that I rinse his little head off with after shampooing. He quickly grabbed it and put it in his mouth. I yelled to Lars to get the camera, but he came running with the camcorder instead. After spending so much of the day learning about objects, I don't know why I'm surprised he discovered the hose. He's such a clever little boy. =)

This is the video clip from bath time tonight. (Larry wanted to make sure there was enough light, so excuse the random turning toward the wall in the middle of the clip... as well as the lame joke at the end.)


Little Yancey Family said...

Aww they grow up so quick! Just so you know tv and computer time gets severely limited antway as they become toddlers and demand constant attention. Good thing they're so cute!

Chiemi said...

Your friend above is SO right. Once they start walking around there is nearly no time for either. So enjoy it while it lasts. :) He is so adorable!

Kellie said...

Awww, Beka! You're such a good mother and you love that little man SO much! Good for you for making him your center of attention. I think that's great! I was LOVIN' those rolls during his little bath-time! Too cute. And the joke was funny! hahaha

emiflute said...

And then they get big enough that they like movies and computer time- so you never get a turn on it without a toddler begging for his favorite movie. And it gets hard not to use those things as babysitters.
Johnathan is sooooo cute and chubby! It was fun to hear you talk about him. It made me miss you! :D Enjoy that cute little man.