Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diet Protein Bars

Sooo, I've decided to "take the Special K Challenge", loosely speaking. I eat mostly what's suggested on the diet itself, but I still leave room for things I love, like ice cream (fat free, no sugar added), blueberry muffins from the bakery (sugar free), and a couple other indulgences. The thing is, I follow the serving size. Good eats.

But the thing that really gets me are those protein bars. They're so dang tasty!! One does fill you up for a very long time, but who pays attention to that until after you've snarffed down two and a half. By that time you start feeling sick and realize that the delicious goodness you've downed is now your enemy. Protein bars.

Drink water before you eat them. That way you're already feeling a bit full and you won't GAIN weight.. you'll lose it. And don't froget to have a serving of fruit along with it.

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