Monday, February 16, 2009

The Love Boat

I love Valentine's Day. Always have. Even if I was dumped or did the dumping on the day or the day before, (which happened way more than it should in one person's life-time). Some people are bitter or lonely, which is very understandable. But I just can't help being in love with a holiday that celebrates pink and red and fluffy, lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey stuffs.

I happened to a have a delicious holiday. My husband came home Friday night with a red rose and a red heart balloon that said "I love you." He was so clever bringing that home for me for our "anniversary". (We were married on Friday, October 13th.) It was a lovey gesture and I appreciated it because we had spent all our "holiday" money on our son.

The next morning he surprised me once again by putting a bunch of little goodies-all my favorite candies and cute Disney Princess Valentines- on top of a spray of red rose petals on the guest bed in the nursery. Normally, when Larry's home, he does all of the diaper changes, so when he told me he needed to finish getting ready (we were leaving for family breakfast) and handed Jonathan to me. I walked in and I saw his little display and was so surprised and happy.

I felt bad because I hadn't gotten anything for him, but he shook his head and said, "You're MY Valentine. That's enough", which of course made me feel more sad and happy at the same time. But it's not like I could pull one over on him and sneek out and get something for him later. He already knew and it's not like we had any cash-ola laying around for frivolous spending. So I had to let it go.

I did have the best Valentine's Day. Even if Larry didn't get me anything, it would've been wonderful just to spend time with him.. as well as my son.

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Kellie said...

Aww, that is SO sweet! I love you three!