Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Today was a marvelous day! Jonathan was well-behaved in Sacrament, I didn't have to teach in Primary, I got to sit cuddled up next to my husband sans baby in Sunday School, attend Relief Society, and my son went to Nursery for the first time. We were told he was an angel- very well-behaved and quietly excited.

Then we came home, Lars made bbq ribs and baked potatoes, while Jonathan napped. He actually napped 3 hours so Lars and I were able to make dinner, call my relative mommies, eat and even get a nap ourselves!

Later we went to visit Gramma Lourdes. We gave her flowers to her yesterday, so coming over today was to let Jonathan get to have "Gramma Time". He just really loves her. =)

A couple hours later, we came home, Lars bathed Jonnie and got him prepped for bed. We had our first scripture read out of the children's Book of Mormon we bought from the Distribution yesterday and he sat so still and looked at the pictures instead of trying to destroy ours when we read. It may have only been for about 5 minutes, but it felt wonderful. I felt the love of our Father in Heaven letting me know that taking this step to teach our children at this level was the right thing.

It was bed time, and Lars volunteered to put the peanut to bed. I heard my husband's soft tenor voice coming through the nursery door and down our short hallway. I love to hear it. Jonathan was quite ready to go to bed, so no less than 10 minutes later, I heard crazy giggling coming from both of them. It warmed my heart. I love to hear my boys laughing with each other. I'm sure it makes the Lord smile when parents and children are happy together like that.


My husband just came out of the nursery. I've been able to enjoy the Dove Promises that the mothers received today in church. It's been wonderful today. I hope you all had a wonderful day, too!

I took this this morning before we left for church. I needed a mommy's picture of my baby going to his first day of Nursery.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I am so glad you had a happy Mother's Day! Hooray for Nursery! What a wonderful daddy he has and mommy!

Dragon Maiden said...

Yayy for nursery! I'm so so happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You certainly deserve it! I hope you have the best time tonight, too!

The Other Mary said...

Sounds Lovely.

Andrew and Lauren said...

Sounds like a great day. So nice to hear Johnny did well in nursey. I'm worried about Bennett. Our current nursey leader lets the kids come in at 17 mths with the mom there for that month so that leaving them at 18 mths is easier. But now she's moving so I probably won't get to do that. I'm pretty sure Bennett will freak when I leave him. But hopefully it goes well. I could see something cool in the background of Johnny's room. I'd like to see the whole thing sometime. Looked great!