Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Sunday

Today was a wonderful day. Larry and I had Share Time in Primary, but Jonathan ended up needing to be taken out, so Lars took over and did it all by himself. I felt bad, but Jonathan's getting so antsy now that he's almost ready to walk. Then, I was able to teach a lot of the lesson in Sunday school for the first time since I was 8 months pregnant. It was great. Lars took care of Jonathan for a bit, then he was able to hand him off to our Relief Society president (Janet Larsen) and come back in. Good thing, too. I was struggling without a lesson book and scriptures- I'm a little out of practice.

My good friend Mary gave a wonderful talk that I really enjoyed, but I can't remember what it was about because Jonathan was being so cute! (Sorry Mary!) He was sitting with Janet and her husband Hal in the bench in front of me and was happily bouncing up and down. Also, for the first time, he turned to grab the bench to stand up by himself! It made so so proud I almost cried. He's growing up so fast! (I do realize now I'll be fighting to get him to face forward for the next umpteen years, but I digress).

Then Larry gave a talk on going to the temple. He told a story about Elder Scott that made me cry. How appropriate considering I was out in the cry room nursing right before he got up to speak. I'm glad too, because I'm sure I looked atrocious after all those tears!

Jonathan had fallen asleep about ten minutes before the end of church, so I was reluctant to get up to do the benediction. But I did and I felt better about it rather than leaving it to someone else. After sacrament, the Bishop asked me to come to his office to talk for a minute and I was able to FINALLY get my young women's medallion after earning it last February right before I was released from my yw secretary/personal progress calling. (Ironic considering the woman who was called into that position after me was released and replaced today).

Today was full of wonderful feel goods and opportunities. And to top it all off, Jonathan went to sleep before 8pm for the second night in a row! I've had a Super Sunday! =D


Chiemi said...

Isn't it amazing how fast kids grow up?

Quixotic Healer said...

Hooray! I also had a great Sunday, and no worries about the talk, ha ha.

I'm so glad we're friends :)

Andrew and Lauren said...

Yay for early bedtimes! I hope it keeps working out.