Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Birthday Father's Day

Sooo, we celebrated more than just Father's Day today. (There's only a hand full of birthdays as a child that I can remember not celebrating my birthday with a cake that had a Father's Day theme.) Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I'm an entire quarter of a century old!! Weird. We had a great day on both days. Here are our exploits.

Lars and I worked to put together a nice little BBQ for the four of us: Larry, Jonathan, I and my sister-in-law Kristina. Larry and I had never made guacamole before, so he did the chopping and I did the mincing and blending. It turned out great even though we forgot cilantro. Lars grilled a Mexican marinaded chicken and I shucked fresh corn on the cob that got bbq'd and I made my old family traditional butter-fried crook-neck squash (in the purple bowl).

Our lovely meal. =)
Last night, I baked and frosted my first double layer cake. I knew I'd never have time to bake two cakes and frost and decorate while putting dinner on the table, too. I've never used the icing canisters before (only the homemade frosting you put into the paper tubes with the metal tips) and let me tell you, PRACTICE before you put it on the cake. The pressure is just like a can of squirt cheese, so it keeps coming out even after you're finished with your design! We put candles on it and they sang to me. I figured we didn't need two cakes, and since this was my special gift for Lars, we could share it.
I got a pink pastel opalescent beach cruiser for my birthday. I was going to get up and go on the Relief Society bike ride Early Saturday but I was still a bit sick from a food poisoning run from Thursday evening. The man we got it from was doing a pro-mo, so we got a $15 basket free...
And even it came with a "free gift"! ;)
It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It made my day.


Chiemi said...

How fun! That's funny, every year my birthday is around Mother's Day. It sucked when I was a kid, but now that I'm a Mom it just means extra spoiling! It looks like you had a lovely time. The food looks yummy!

Andrew and Lauren said...

Yay for the new bike and fun BBQ! Its really cute that Jonnie can fit in the basket! Stinks to hear you had food poisoning, I've only had it once, when I was 9 mths pregnant with Bennett and ironically from a meal at the bishop's house. Maybe he was trying to get me to go into labor :)

Quixotic Healer said...

Cool! And I like the black basket, I think it's more practical than white, and I like how it matches the tires.

(P.S. I am very hungry now! That looked amazing!

Kellie said...

Cute bike!!!!