Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Time!!

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Larry's 28th birthday. I worked ALL day to get the house clean and believe me, it was a DIVE!!! I couldn't believe I had dinner cooking on the stove before Lars even got home. It was a day of small miracles. It was a good, clean day.

I had no car and no clue what to make for dinner, so I grabbed out what we had: asparagus, red peppers, small red potatoes, turkey meat and a couple packets of brown gravy mix. The veggies were steamed and turned out delish.
My sister-in-law called me from the movie store asking about what movies we had already and and we ultimately decided on WALL*E because I knew we could have a cake made to keep with the theme. (I'm so smart...)
Tres leches and whip cream frosting from Amapolas..... **drool**
The day after, I was eating another piece of the cake and Jonathan is always wanting everything of our plates, so I figured he could try some frosting........he loved it and stained his mouth and hands blue, as well as mine.


Chiemi said...

Happy Birthday to Larry!! Mmm tres leche cake is one of my favorite cakes! Go Bekah on making such a nice dinner and cleaning the house. A hard task with a little one. :)

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Larry! Johnnie is getting so big!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to Larry!! That cake was super cute. That dinner looked amazing!

Andrew and Lauren said...

Oh Jonnie is getting so big! Thanks for posting all those pictures, its nice to be informed!