Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Okay, so a couple days ago we had a scare and brought Jonathan to the hospital. It was a quick trip and we were in and out in less than 3 hours. A MIRACLE!! Right before bath time at around 9pm (he usually bathes earlier but he was teething something fierce), he started to sneeze after Larry opened in the back door and put a fan out to draw the cool air in. I had Larry go change Jonathan and when he brought him back into the TV room, he was really having a fit. Sneeze after sneeze it just kept getting worse. I suggested we give him a warm bath to calm the sneezing with warm vapors from his special nighttime bubble bath, but it just went from bad to worse.

Once he was in the sink, his sneezes became painful and he was screaming. Then he started vomiting mucus, and I really mean it. There was TONS of it! Out his nose and especially out his mouth. My only thought was "Oh God, please help us through this... I don't know if I can handle leaving him in the hospital again." After about 7 minutes of ongoing sneezing and vomiting, I pulled him out of the sink when I thought he would stop for a minute so I could get him dried and dressed to go to the ER.

Jonathan was calm and staring blankly by the time we got him strapped into his seat and on the road. Like I said above, it was a quick wait, we were checked in and waiting our turn very quickly. The times we were in there before ranged from 5-11 hour waits from check-in to check-out. (Some emergency... you're dying but we have paperwork to do. LAME!)

Jonathan was laughing and happy by the time the ER pediatrician came in and had even caught a 20 minute nap. He checked his ears and said it looked like he could possibly have an ear infection and to keep an eye out for ear pulling, (which I always do because teething and ear infections can manifest the same way), then told us to make an appointment some time in the next few days with our normal pediatrician and to stop using Orajel. We were off home in no time at all. It was a blessed relief to have our normal little boy back and have the knowledge nothing was really wrong.

Then last night, after a LONG day of sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping, Jonathan was having a hard time going to sleep because his mouth was hurting so bad, we took him to Rite Aid around 10 pm to get some teething drops and more teething rings to put in the freezer. After that we were on the road to he could sleep. We were going to turn around shortly before Seal Beach, but the exit was closed for construction, so off to Seal Beach we went. Jonathan dropped off shortly before we got to the exit ramp.

When we got home there were a few cockroaches on our house by our white bench. They were so big you could see them from the street right before pulling in to the driveway. As I was walking up the sidewalk staring at the monsters on the house, something very quick and ugly caught my eye by my foot. One has skittered into our flower box. EEK!!!

We blocked the front door with a towel because it doesn't seal on the bottom and went to sleep. It was around 1 am. (Well, I did anyway. I have no idea when Larry came to bed. Talk about opposites. I'm always the one coming in late.)

Then, this morning when Larry was brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink (our bathroom sink is broken), he found a cockroach in the DRAIN!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I've been picking up and putting things away, washing laundry and organizing drawers to make sure there's none hiding anywhere. AAAAAA! I just get the heebee jeebees thinking about it. I keep thinking I see something everywhere I turn. A mental image from the movie 'Alien' keeps coming to mind....

Cross your fingers that we don't have an infestation. I'm deathly afraid of bugs and spiders. I can't even kill a spider smaller than the size of a pencil eraser... unless I'm worried it will harm Jonathan. UGH! What else is going to happen this week? I'd take ER visits anytime over cockroaches......


Quixotic Healer said...

Wow, look's like you've had quite a week! Good luck with the rest of it.

Look's like I need to visit teach you soon....before giant bugs carry you away!

Chiemi said...

I would have been so scared if my child was doing that too. Ugh! I hate cockroaches!!! I hope your week gets better.

emiflute said...

I hope you figure out what was bothering him that night! OOOH... roaches- I am so glad those aren't around here! Good luck!