Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Day

Today was pretty much like any other day. But today I got to spend around twelve hours alone with my son. He loves to be with his daddy at the end of the night right before he has his bath, but Larz was away studying for his chem final.

Jonnie wasn't happy about it. Because my mother-in-law was away at exercises, I couldn't hand him off to anyone, which made him very upset. He was overly tired and just couldn't seem to settle down without his daddy. It broke my heart.

I wonder how it's going to be when Larz goes to work all day and doesn't come home until late evening. I'm getting good practice being by myself, but my best friend in our ward who's also a stay-at-home mom just moved to Utah, so I don't have anyone to spend time with when I need some adult conversation.

For now, it's not bad at all because he's so little. But I wonder how I'll feel when he's a toddler. I really do love to spend my time beig a mommy, though. To use the expression my mom told me in college, "I should stop borrowing trouble" and worry about that when it comes.

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