Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ladies With Specs

I saw this posted by a good friend of mine and gleaned what good photos I have of me in glasses. I LOVE them! But I need new ones again- it has been four years!

My girlfriend posted this link-

If you have specs, read it it's super cute!

Winter 2006 after getting married.

Thanksgiving 2006, my big brother Dan and I rockin' our specs.

Winter 2008- 18 days postpartum after my first baby

Summer 2008- 20 weeks along with my first child

Early fall 2008- my husband and I. We rocked the vote!

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Chiemi said...

What a super cool thing that lady is going for her daughter. I am SO going to post about Kyla. She also has a little girlfriend who just got glasses. Whose Mom will totally participate too. Thanks for posting this. Kyla is going to love showing off her glasses.