Friday, February 12, 2010

Week ???

Week 18!

That's right! I'm 18 weeks and I'm just finding out I'm nearly half way through my pregnancy. I was only a week off of when I thought I was due. I still think I'm right until I get my blood work done in a couple weeks. (I was going to post photos, but my memory card isn't opening and I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong for a couple weeks, which is why there have been no photo entries as of the last month and a half.)

I met with an RN today to get all my paperwork set and go through my medical record- you know, all the necessary and boring stuff. The nurses were so nice. I was shocked to actually be treated like a person and not a number to be rushed in a pushed out the door for the next one in line to come in.

Here's the kicker, though: I've lost 15 pounds, which is nearly half of the weight I gained with Jonathan and never lost. I was shocked when I climbed on the scale and the nurse told me how much I weighed compared to when I last went to the doctor in December. I'm still sick in the mornings, but I can mostly control it if I take it slow and drink lots of water the moment I get out of bed. Something I never would've been able to figure out the first time around. It's amazing what you can figure out the second time around.

I have my first appointment with the doctor in 10 days, Monday the 22nd and it's an ultrasound. The most interesting thing is that I'll see my baby before I even hear her. I shouldn't say her, but I've gotten so used to the idea of having a girl, it just doesn't seem like it could possibly be anything else. But we'll see. I'm just so relieved not to be in between insurances and be fully covered to get these things taken care of. I've had a great day. Peace of mind is something you really don't know you've lost until you've worried yourself into an emotional stupor.


Dawnyel said...

How did that go by SO fast?!
Ultrasounds are SO exciting. :)

Jenn Hansen said...

Yay! Almost half-way there!